Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Garage Vary Lip Sale

NA Urethane lip
$225 shipped

NB1 & NB2 lips
$245 shipped

Contact for orders and questions


Monday, March 9, 2015

3/10 yahoo auctions

corns 3 piece muffler na
integral kobe na rear only
nakamae interior bits
Oyama auto muffler na
sway bar end links na
corns 3 piece muffler na
corns 3 piece muffler nb
rs products centre console na
maruha na6 cam gears
m2 1028 tombstone
m2 1028 center console
m2 1028 front lip
stage n zero muffler na
m2 1028 meter panel
m2 1028 e brake lever
awd meter panel na
m2 plate
m2 1028 key and ignition
rsl 14x8
rare ssr dg garrets 14x8/8.5 0/+3
ssr fm 14x10 -40