Monday, June 29, 2015

yahoo auctions 7/1

NA Body shop hayashi headlights
NB carbing 3 point strut bar
NA zest tsi
NA zoom fuel lid
NA6 Today fly wheel
NA KG works tombstone trim
NA M2 1028 factory lip
NA RS factory stage exhaust
M2 1001 mirrors
NA runabout type 1 fuel lid
M2 1028 factory tombstone, brake cover, centre console
NA eunos shifter trim
Nardi classic 32
NB corns 3 piece muffler
NA rectangle low pro headlights
NB ARC intake and filter
NA AWD cluster
NB Autoexe filter
NB Mazdaspeed 3 point strut bar
NA Zoon tail lamp kit

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Garage Vary Lip Sale

NA Urethane lip
$225 shipped

NB1 & NB2 lips
$245 shipped

Contact for orders and questions