Saturday, November 28, 2015

Blitz BRW 03

Blitz BRW 03
pair: 17x9 +45 high disk
Price: $875 shipped air (10-12 days)
Condition: Used, has scratches and dings from use, paint is pealing (see pics)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

yahoo auctions 10/16

TRA kyoto Napalm 14x7
TRA kyoto drag 14x6.5

Monday, September 14, 2015

yahoo auctions 9/15

m2 type mirrors
NA tuckin99 fender braces
NA6 maruha F cams
esqueleto bucket
NA fogs harness and switch
runabout m2 mirrors
M2 1001 seats
runabout m2 mirrors
m2 type mirrors
NA KGW meter panel and awd meters
mazdaspeed vintage bucket seat
NB mazdaspeed  a-spec spoiler
NA fog lamps harness and switch
NA mazdaspeed spoiler
NA KGW wood meter panel and mazdaspeed meters
mazdaspeed semi bucket seats
NA fog lamp HID converted
Bigend rodders 15x8 +25

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Yahoo Auctions 7/22

NA lip
NA6 arc intake
NA complete fog light set (switch, harness, lights)
NB mazdaspeed spoiler
NB KGW meter panel and AWD meters
NA/NB AWD AC rings
NA M2 1028 lip
esqueletto red Type 2 seat
NA mazdaspeed n2 flares
SSR FM 15x8-14
NA mazdaspeed a-spec lip and skirts
NA RS aizawa headlight duct
NB KGW shift plate
NA zoom carbon interior mirror
NA polished head cover
NA RS products hazard switch
NA KGW vintage mazda emblem
NA/NB AC rings and center piece
NA eunos shifter trim
NC jets N-zero muffler
NA unknown flares
NA Maxim/mazdaspeed headers
NA corns 3 piece muffler
NA mazdaspeed strut bar
NB AWD meter rings
NA mazdaspeed side skirts
NA6 factory momo and boss
NA AWD meter caps
NA carbing 3 point strut bar 
NA RS aizawa 3 point strut bar 
NA Zoom 3 meter tomb stone
NA Runabout type 2 fuel lid
NB autoexe carbon intake
NB autoexe 3 point strut bar
NA Zoom center exit exhaust
NC AWD meter caps
NB Zoom fuel lid
NA Nakamae vintage center console
NA Brightning tail light covers
NA KGW fuel lid
NA KGW wood meter panel
NA/NB checkered floor mats
RS watanabe 15x6.5 +35
Equip 03 pair 14x8.5-22
SSR MK3 pair 15x9 0

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

yahoo auctions 7/16

NA garage 502 mirrors
NA6 maxim works header and unknown exhaust
NA6 KGW room mirror
NA SR limited door panels
NA black door panels and speaker plate
NA AWD meter panel
Nakamae black leather bucket seat
NA red door panels and speaker plate
NA AC rings and sheonme center caps
NA pitcrew front bumper bars
NB AWD? HVAC panel
NA eunos shifter plate
NB AWD meter rings
NB Mazdaspeed rear spoiler
NA6 nardi wood shift knob,e- brake and quick shift kit
M2 shift knob
NA runabout type 2 fuel lid
NA over fenders
NB corns muffler
NA M2 1028 center carpet
NA M2 style center carpet

Monday, June 29, 2015

yahoo auctions 7/1

NA Body shop hayashi headlights
NB carbing 3 point strut bar
NA zest tsi
NA zoom fuel lid
NA6 Today fly wheel
NA KG works tombstone trim
NA M2 1028 factory lip
NA RS factory stage exhaust
M2 1001 mirrors
NA runabout type 1 fuel lid
M2 1028 factory tombstone, brake cover, centre console
NA eunos shifter trim
Nardi classic 32
NB corns 3 piece muffler
NA rectangle low pro headlights
NB ARC intake and filter
NA AWD cluster
NB Autoexe filter
NB Mazdaspeed 3 point strut bar
NA Zoon tail lamp kit

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Garage Vary Lip Sale

NA Urethane lip
$225 shipped

NB1 & NB2 lips
$245 shipped

Contact for orders and questions


Monday, March 9, 2015

3/10 yahoo auctions

corns 3 piece muffler na
integral kobe na rear only
nakamae interior bits
Oyama auto muffler na
sway bar end links na
corns 3 piece muffler na
corns 3 piece muffler nb
rs products centre console na
maruha na6 cam gears
m2 1028 tombstone
m2 1028 center console
m2 1028 front lip
stage n zero muffler na
m2 1028 meter panel
m2 1028 e brake lever
awd meter panel na
m2 plate
m2 1028 key and ignition
rsl 14x8
rare ssr dg garrets 14x8/8.5 0/+3
ssr fm 14x10 -40

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Yahoo auctions 3/4

Runabout type 2 fuel lid
KGW wood meter panel
integral kobe NA muffler
vitalonni mirrors
nielex center caps (TE37?)
nakamae vintage center console and tombstone
RS factory stage NA exhaust
KGW NA meter panel silver
brand new runabout M2 mirrors
KGW room mirror
M2 1028 shift knob
other M2 parts
Mazdaspeed NA lip
autoblaze mirrors
S2 racing NA exhaust
RS factory stage jimmy leather knob and e brake boot
NC AWD needle caps
NC AWD vent rings
NC AWD door cup rings
ARC NA6 intake
zoom side winkers
zoom side winkers
joy fast head cover bolts
maruha fly wheel NA6

Monday, February 16, 2015

yahoo auctions 2/17

NA RS factory stage exhaust
SSR MK2 14x8 +0
KG works room mirror
AWD HVAC panel
RS products hazard switch
NA unknown meter panel with rings
NA AC rings
KG works NA meter panel silver
NA Nakamae? center console
NB Autoexe carbon intake

NA RS Factory stage exhaust
NA6 maxim
NA6 maxim
AWD NA meter panel set
NA narini? door mirrors
RS Refine rings
triangle window trim
NB garage vary rear wing
new B-lip urethane
SSR FM 15x8j -29 9.5-21
big end barrels 15x8 0/-15

Monday, January 19, 2015