Monday, December 15, 2014


NA body shop hayashi tail lights
runabount M2 mirrors
NA rs products hazard switch
runabout type 2 fuel lid
runabout type 2 fuel lid
NA bellof lowpro head lights
rs factory stage n zero 2 muffler NA
Autoexe NB carbon air filter
Nardi 33 black leather
runabout type 2 fuel lid
AWD HVAC panel
AWD HVAC panel
NB 3 point carbing strut bar
NA6 Arc intake
SSR FM 14x8+10
SSR MK1 15x8/10j  -15/-40
nardi classic leather 36
Nardi classic wood 32
nardi classic wood 33
nardi classic wood 32.5
m2 steering wheel unused
KG Works mirrors

Saturday, October 11, 2014

M2 blue mirrors

runabout M2 blue mirrors
price $290 shipped

Sunday, September 28, 2014

9/29 yahoo auctions

various NA interior items, stage, zoom, etc
runabout NA type 1 fuel lid
pivot head light adjuster
ARC NA8 intake
NA8 S800 mirrors
NB corns version 2 exhaust
KG works door mirrors
low pro quad headlights
M2 runabout mirrors
NA red vintage console
NA KG works room mirror
autoblaze M2 mirrors
autoblaze NA chrome window trim
Maruha big brake kit
unknown NA lip
Auto exe NB chassis brace
RS products vintage console
NA checkered floor mats
NB Garage vary wing
SSR MK1 15x8j
SSR MK1 14x7.5-6
SSR FM 15x10.5 -21
SSR FM 14x8 +10
Big end barrels 15x8 -15 3 wheels
TE37V 15x8 +0
bigend barrels 15x8+5-15

Friday, August 8, 2014


Maruha cam gears for NAs
excellent shape
$275 shipped

Vary NB1 lip
condition: new
$275 shipped

Nardi 6 speed shift knob, numbers are pretty much worn off $90 shipped 


Royal clover x hello kitty collabo Mazda key blank (no longer in production) very rare! it is a little yellow from being in the sun and there are some slight scuff marks on it . $90 shipped

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Yahoo Auctions 8/6

mazdaspeed NA8 ITB kit
NA carbing 2 point strut bar
mazdaspeed gold oil cap
integral kobe NA exhaust
RS limited carbon recaro
14x6.5 +14.5 RS watanabe
runabout m2 mirrors
MK1 14x7.5 -6
zoom fuel lid
nielex? gold hazard switch
NA pedal car
integral kobe NB clubman muffler
panasport g7 16x7.5/8 0/+9
mazdaspeed NB rear spoiler
zoom elan bumper
zoom elan rear bumper
mazdaspeed ms03 15x6.5 +35
NB carbing rear strut bar
zoom headlight ducts
NB8 arc induction box
NA zoom? rear tail lights
M2 1028 side brake boot

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

7/17 yahoo auctions

KG works wipers
classic hazard switch NA
5zigen NB superlap muffler
Bomex? mirrors NA
Corns NA 3 piece exhaust
RS products hazard switch NA
KG works starter switch NA
KG works room mirror NA
Mazdaspeed NB rear spoiler
RS products HVAC panel black NA
Zoom carbon overlay room mirror NA
Titanium exuaust NB
NA door pulls
NA checkered floor mats
RS products hvac panel NA
SSR MK2 14x8 +0
SSR MK3 14x8 -12

Monday, July 7, 2014

7/8 Yahoo Auctions

Zoom tail lights
Nakamae buckets
mazdaspeed 360mm steering wheel
kg works room mirror

7/7 yahoo auctions

recaro spg
Stage NA exhaust
runabout type 1 fuel lid NA
nakamae center console NZ
mazdaspeed shift knob wood
KG works? mirrors
Runabout 4 pot calipers
RS limited recaro buckets
KG works started switch
body shop hayashi tails
NA/NB Craft square mirrors
NB KG works meter panel with RS refine rings
NB AWD AC panel
NA metal room mirror
tuckin99 seat
mazdaspeed oil cap
eunos shifter trim
RS pruducts? NA meter panel
NA C lip?
Garage vary 3 meter pod

Monday, June 23, 2014

Yahoo Auctions 6/24

KG works silver meter panel NA
S800 runabout mirrors
KG works silver meter panel NA
NA Type A lip
S800 runabout mirrors
Mazdaspeed red oil cap
AWD HVAC panel
Nielex wheel caps
NA Corns 3 piece muffler
NA one off? straight muffler
NA FRP door mirrors
KG works silver meter panel NB
M2 1001 steering wheel
TE37 15x8j+25
Mazdaspeed NB spoiler
regamaster evo 15x6.5+35
SSR MK2 14x7.5 +6
TE37V 15x8.5-5

Monday, June 16, 2014

Yahoo auctions 6/16

RS factory stage muffler NA
RS Factory stage NA
NA6 maxim
Body shop hayashi tails
NA foglights complete
S800 mirrors
Garage 502 carbon mirrors (RARE)
Zoom NA fuel lid
KGworks NA meter panel black
Runabout type 1 fuel lid
FRP rear canards NA
craft square aluminium NB mirrors
KGworks starter switch
SSR MK2 14x7.5 +6
KG works fuel lid
KG works AC rings
S2 racings NB AC panel rings
KG works chrome eyeball vents NA
Nakamae tan quilted set NB
Roadster visor block off plates
RS factory stage `jimmy` knob
NA6 maxim works
carbing rear strut bar NA with spare tire relocater
D-technique NB intake box

Friday, April 11, 2014

Update 4/11

NA runabout fuel lid type 1
NA KG works fuel lid
NA Zoom headlight intake covers
NA KG works intakes
NA runabout fuel lid type 2
NA zoom fuel lid
Runabout M2 mirrors
NA Eunos full badges
runabout type 1
NA A-type lip
Vary? NA spoiler
NA fogs, no switch
Eunos center console shifter trim
Pivot engine starter
Eunos badges
Nakamae Nb tan mats
KG works NB meter panel
factory nardi
factory nardi
factory nardi
NA integral kobe muffler
Maxim NA6
NA6 pitcrew header
NB integral kobe
Nakamae tan bucket
NA8 Arc with buddy club computer
NA6 Arc
NA6 Arc
XR4 long champs 15x7+11
XR4 longchamps 14x6.5 +21
Watanabe Forged 8 15x6.5 +35
precedeo demon cambers 15x7+19
equip 01 14x8 -13
SSR Mesh 14x7.5/8j -5/-13
SSR FM mesh 14x6.5/7.5 +2/+3

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Yahoo auctions 2/5

active headlights
NB stage N zero2
AWD NB meter and rings
NA runabout fuel lid
NA tuckin hitman 3

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Updated inventory for sale

KG Works type 2b Intakes
$250 shipped

$450 shipped

Auto blaze mirrors
$220 shipped

Carbing NA strut bar
$275 shipped

Carbing NB strut bar
$275 shipped

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Inventory available

KG Works type 2b Intakes
$250 shipped

$450 shipped

Auto blaze mirrors
$220 shipped

 Runabout M2 mirrors 
$190 shipped

Runabout NA type 2 fuel lid
$170 shipped

Carbing NA strut bar
$275 shipped

Carbing NB strut bar
$275 shipped