Monday, March 26, 2012

ARC NA8, Auto Exe, Vary

Price $ 213 shipped

Auto Exe NB Intake
Price $291 shipped

Vary NB2 White Lip
Price $198 shipped

Yahoo Auctions

nielex NA AC rings
nielex NA shifter trim
nakamae console
nielex NA joystick shifter
pitcrew single wiper

as always interested parties feel free to contact me at

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yahoo Auction Service Fees

So after some planning i have decided on some set service fees to give everyone a ball park idea on how much things will cost if you use me as a middle man for Yahoo Auctions Japan
please remember that this is just a ball park figure and nothing is set in stone

Service Fee:
Small Items: oil caps, shift knobs, etc
service fee: $10

Medium items: intakes, steering wheels, etc
service fee: $25-30

Large items: rims, exhausts etc.
service fee: $65-95

Other fees:
shipping from seller to my location varies between $10(small items: shift knobs etc) to $65 (rims)
paypal fees: varies

Shipping fees:
Small items can be shipped air mail or EMS (usually double the price of airmail but comes with tracking number and insurance)

Medium to Large items will ALL be shipped ems

you can view EMS rates here:

General examples:
Steering wheel average shipping: Y3500
Cat back exhaust: Y12000-17000
13 inch:Y35000-40000
14 inch:Y40000-47500
15 inch:Y45000-50000

Currency Conversion:
(this is the BANK currency conversion which is always crappier than the actual conversion)
as of right now it is around Y100 =$0.80

How to calculate everything:
Steering wheel price Y5000
Shipping to my location Y1800
Shipping to you Y3500

Total in Yen: Y10300

Convert to USD: $123.60
Paypal fees: $5
Service fee: $25

Total Cost: $153.60

i take payment in full BEFORE i bid for the item, if you win i take the money and refund you any amount that you overpaid (IE if an auction ended at $250 but you paid $300 i would refund you the $50). If you lose the auction i just refund and you get 100% (including fees) back.


Friday, March 9, 2012

RS Products hazard switch and panel

RS Products hazard switch and panel
price $170 shipped

Saturday, March 3, 2012

NB AWD Meter panel

NB AWD Meter Panel
Price $195 shipped

Friday, March 2, 2012

Yahoo Auctions part 2

Mazdaspeed NA sides
Runabout mirrors
rear garnishes
NA brightning carbon intake
Na Duck Tail
Maxim works NA6
S800 mirrors
NA light weight trunk

Yahoo Auction Parts

I am now offering Yahoo Auctions Japan bidding/ buying services

here is some stuff available
needle caps
factory leather ebrake cover M2 type
black nakamae interior bits
factory nardi
rs refine AC rings
mazda Japan DIN Radio Bezel
cheap scuff plates
pitcrew slidding mirror
NA carbon shift cover
R limited interior conversion