Monday, December 23, 2013

Yahoo Auctions 12/24

RS factory stage `jimmy` knob
Zest TSI
NA Corns 3 piece exhaust
NA Brightning tail light covers
unknown TSI
NA okuyama 3 point strut bar
NA Barchetta headlights
NA RS products hazard switch
M2 mirrors
M2 oil cap
KG works cluster with RS Refine rings
S800 mirrors
Jet stream over fenders
NA Nielex diff collars
NA lip spoiler C lip?
craft square mirrors
NA eunos emblem set
M2 mirrors
NA tan door panels with speaker plates
NA8 arc
SSR MK2 14x6.5+7 pair
SSR MK2 14x7.5 +6
SSR MK1 14x7.5 -6+19

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Yahoo auctions 12/16

SSR FM 14x9 -3 pair
SSR MK2 14x7.5/8j +6/-12
Longchamp XR4 6.5x14+22
SSR MK3 14x7/8 +12/0
Fabulous profound 15x8+18
Corns bucket seat
Nakamae bucket seat
Roadster nardi steering wheel ebrake combo
Carbon duck tail trunk
NB Mazdaspeed wing
KGW room mirror
low pro headlight kit
S800 mirrors
eunos shifter plate
ARC NA8 intake
NC craft square vintage mirrors
NB mazdaspeed wing
autoblaze mirrors
Zoom engineering rear trunk rack
NA corns 3 piece
KG works quad headlight kit
nakamae center console and classic window switch
Nakamae quilted headliner NB

Friday, November 29, 2013

parts inventory

Autoblaze mirrors
$230 shipped

 Runabout mirrors
$205 shipped

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Yahoo auctions 11/27

S800 mirrors
S800 mirrors
unknown NA lip
barchetta headlights
nielex tombstone
nakamae center console
factory nardi wheel
unknown center exit exhaust NA
na6 arc
na6 maxim
NA black door panels
watanabe 14x6.5 +14.5
TRA kyoto Drag 14x6.5/7 +14/10
watanabe 14x6.5 +14.5
precedeo demon cambers 15x7+0
mazdaspeed ms01R 15x7+35
SSR Mesh pair 15x8+14
SSR MK3 14x7/8j +12/0
SSR MK1 14x7.5j +19/-6
pair SSR SP1 15x8.5 +3 Lo disk

Friday, October 11, 2013


NA Runabout type 1 fuel lid
price $180 shipped airmail $195 shipped EMS

NA Runabout type 2 fuel lid
price $180 shipped airmail $195 shipped EMS

Carbing NA 3 point strut bar, a little dirty but in good condition
Price $295 shipped EMS

Carbing NB 3 point strut bar, a little dirty but in good condition
Price $295 shipped EMS
Roadster NA Fogs includes switch and harness
$210 shipped

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yahoo Auctions 9/11

Nielex NA exhaust trim
Nielex NA window switch
AWD HVAC panel
Runabout M2 mirrors
S800 Mirrors
M2 door mirrors
4 Point tails
Doridori mesh
Mazdaspeed MS01R
Mazdaspeed MS01S
Mazdaspeed MS01S
Mazdaspeed MS01R
Bigend rodders
Nakamae center console
Bride seat NA passenger US rails
RS products vintage center console
Zoom headlight kit
HVAC aluminum surround

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yahoo Auctions 8/12

RS Factory stage NB exhaust
Runabout M2 mirrors
6 speed factory option titanium shift knob
NA Eunos shifter trim plate
Nielex meter attachments
NA8 titanium header
Nardi wood shift knob
SSR Mk1 8x15 +12
Mazdaspeed oil cap
NA6 Maxim
Watanabe 14x6.5 +14.5/+9.5
NA HKS Glove box meter holder
NA FRP concave trunk (pitcrew?)
NA Checkered mats
precedo demon cambers 15x7.5 -5
NA Nakamae carpets
NA AWD full cluster
KGworks horn button
NA KG works meter panel

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Parts for sale

Runabout M2 with blue mirror glass comes with all gaskets and screws included
condition: excellent
price $290 shipped

Carbing NB 3 point strut bar
condition: good
price: $295 shipped

Nardi 33
Condition: excellent
price $155 shipped

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Yahoo auctions 7/7

NA RS products hazard switch
NA RS Products meters and panel
NA Buddy club spec II
NB meter panel and rings
RS Active headlight kit
NB Corns three piece muffler
NB1 vary front lip new
Maxim NA6
NA Runabout fuel lid
BP Toda intake exhaust cams
BP Maruha motors intake and exhaust cams
NA Nardi
Nakamae bucket seats
Maruha cam gears
NA Integral kobe
NA6  Maxim
NC RS products meter panel
NA Eunos shifter plate trim
SSR Formula mesh pair 14/9j -3

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

320mm pink and cream wood steering wheel

320mm pink and cream wood steering wheel
made in Japan, condition is good cept some scuffs and the usual cracks around the spokes
$115 shipped

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Runabout M2 mirrors

Runabout M2 mirrors
price $295 shipped
condition: Excellent (in pic one has rubber base attached, the other is in bubble wrap) includes all 4 mounting screws

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

yahoo aucions 6/5

KG works NA door mirrors
NA zoom fuel lid
Mazdaspeed oil cap
NA eunos shifter plate
NA runabout fuel lid
meister S1 15x8.5j +10
NB carbing
NA Mazdaspeed strut bar
NB roadster documents bag
NA Nakamae leather ebrake boot
NA console cover
AWD AC rings and AC vent center knob
NAcarbon scuff plates
NA inner handle cover plate
NA floor mats
NA center console pocket
TE37 cup 15x7 +25
SSR FM 14x8.5 +3
SSR FM 14x8 +10
Precedeo demon cambers 15x7.5 -5
Equip 03 15x8.5+19

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Watanabe Special

Full set of aluminum wheels, any size available in their catalog for $1440 SHIPPED seamail to the US, Canada or Australia (EMS also available) also will include your choice of three available presents

Standard Colors:
Silver Metalic
Gold Metalic

Option Colors
Black $88
Red, White, Blue Yellow: $130
Gloss Black., Matte Black $130

Machined lip $115

Shaved spokes (may be needed to clear brakes) $115 or you can just run a spacer

Available Presents
Watanabe original nuts (silver only)
Watanabe lock nuts (4)
Center Cap 60/63/70mm black only



Monday, May 20, 2013

Yahoo auctions 5/21

maxim na6
NC integral kobe
NA factory nardi classic with boss
Nardi 33 classic with boss
Nardi 36 with boss
Carbing NB rear tower bar
NA C lip
SSR MK3 15x 7/7.5j +26 +19
SSR Formula Mesh 15x7.5j +20 +17
Steffan 14x9 +20
Competition version Work CR01 15x7/7.5j +9/-15
MS01R 15x7+35
AME Tracer 15x7+35
Watanabe 14x6.5 +14 .5
TE37 14x6.5 +14
Mazdaspeed forged monoblock by rays 16x7 +33
Watanabe 14x6.5/7 +14/+13
Equip 02 14x6.5/7 +29/+10
Big end barrels pair 15x8 -15

Sunday, May 12, 2013

yahoo auctions 5/13

nielex? NA windshield wipers
AWD? NA AC vent rings
Nardi wood shift knob
NA Nakamae lowback seats
Runabout M2 mirrors
RS Products? NA center console (says NB but it`s from a NA8)
Vary headlight covers and KG works fuel lid
NA FRP Trunk
NA FRP Trunk 2
Bellof? lowpro headlights
Nakamae Red leather pocket parcel shelf?
Nakame NB center carpet console
Fuji Type? itb kit (no ecu)
RS Watanabe 15x8j +0
RS Watanabe 14x7.5 +28
SSR MK3 14x7.5 +6/-6
SSR MK2 15x7.5 -6
SSR Mesh 14x7.5 +20
Weds Cerebus
Big end rodders

Sunday, May 5, 2013

parts in stock

KG Works Room Mirror NA6 $200 shipped

Brand new turn signal intakes with clear lens $165 shipped

NA Tuckin 99 N2 Flares brand new pending

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yahoo auctions 4/15

sorry for the long delay everybody, has been quite busy around here and i haven`t had much time to run the business

NB muffler Corns?
NA fog lamps with harness, no switch (i can find the switch but it will be extra) $145 shipped
unknown center exit? exhaust NA
runabout type 2 fuel lid NA $200 shipped
NA6 maxim
K1 racing? muffler NA $480 shipped
Maxim NA8
Carbing NA 3 point with firewall brace $410 shipped
Carbing NA rear strut bar $220 shipped
Carbing NA 3 point strut bar w/o fire wall brace $330 shipped
Nakamae low back bucket seats
Nakamae NA black center carpet console
Nakamae NA tan center carpet console
Enkei bigend barrels

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Yahoo Auctions 3/2

Big End Barrels 15x8 +5/ -15 $1333 shipped sea mail

Work VSKF 15x7 +26/32 price $987 shipped seamail

Brand new SSR Reverse Mesh 15x7.5 +7 pair only $1040 shipped seamail

SSR MK1 14x7.5 +19 $1450 shipped sea mail

SSR reverse mesh 15x7/7.5 +13/+15 $1100 shipped sea mail

NA Checkered mats $130 shipped ems

K1 racing exhaust NA price $459 shipped ems

Integral Kobe NB currently $365 shipped ems

Monday, February 25, 2013

Yahoo Auctions 2/26

Factory sill plates, speaker plates and chrome mirrors $165 shipped

unknown NA mirrors $205 shipped

AWD full NB cluster (faces, caps, rings, panel) $560 shipped

Jet Stream NB duck tail $339 shipped

NA factory C lip $290 shipped

Eunos Roadster NAemblem set price $82 shipped airmail

Eunos roadster emblem NA price $43 shipped airmail

Gachirri support braces NA/NB

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yahoo Auctions 2/21

SSR Formula Mesh 14x7 -3 Price $1199 shipped sea mail

NA RSR price $370 shipped ems

new inventory!
Tuckin99 N2 Flares Brand New $475 shipped ems

Friday, February 15, 2013

Yahoo Auctions 2/16

Bigend rodders 15x7 +25 4x100 price $925 shipped seamail

Equip 03 14x8 -25 14x9 -13 4x100 price price $1384 shipped seamail

Work CR01 competition version 14x7+9 14x7.5 -15 4x100 price $1495 shipped seamail

runabout type 2

NA6 Maxim

morette NB tails

NB Nakamae short console and gas carpet cover

NA Nakamae short console

Corns NA shift plate

regamaster evo 15x7 +35 4x100 price $1270 shipped seamail

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2/13 Yahoo Auctions

Big End Barrels 15x8 +5 brand new $1990 shipped sea mail

Work Meister $1440 shipped sea mail
15x7.5 +25
15x8.5 +20

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yahoo Auctions 2/6

SSR MK1 14x 8j/9j offset: front -12 rear ??? $1220 shipped seamail

SSR Formula mesh 14x 8j -15 $1300 shipped sea mail

Mazdaspeed steering wheel 360mm diameter $255 shipped ems

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013

parts and yahoo auctions

Zoom Engineering Tails
$460 shipped

mazdaspeed MS-01R
15x7j +35
price $690 shipped sea mail

price $240 shipped ems

Morette headlights NB1

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Yahoo Auctions

all wheels 4x100 shipped no tires 

Enkei Goo Cars $1486 shipped seamail
SSR MK1 $1384 shipped seamail