Thursday, May 23, 2013

Watanabe Special

Full set of aluminum wheels, any size available in their catalog for $1440 SHIPPED seamail to the US, Canada or Australia (EMS also available) also will include your choice of three available presents

Standard Colors:
Silver Metalic
Gold Metalic

Option Colors
Black $88
Red, White, Blue Yellow: $130
Gloss Black., Matte Black $130

Machined lip $115

Shaved spokes (may be needed to clear brakes) $115 or you can just run a spacer

Available Presents
Watanabe original nuts (silver only)
Watanabe lock nuts (4)
Center Cap 60/63/70mm black only



Monday, May 20, 2013

Yahoo auctions 5/21

maxim na6
NC integral kobe
NA factory nardi classic with boss
Nardi 33 classic with boss
Nardi 36 with boss
Carbing NB rear tower bar
NA C lip
SSR MK3 15x 7/7.5j +26 +19
SSR Formula Mesh 15x7.5j +20 +17
Steffan 14x9 +20
Competition version Work CR01 15x7/7.5j +9/-15
MS01R 15x7+35
AME Tracer 15x7+35
Watanabe 14x6.5 +14 .5
TE37 14x6.5 +14
Mazdaspeed forged monoblock by rays 16x7 +33
Watanabe 14x6.5/7 +14/+13
Equip 02 14x6.5/7 +29/+10
Big end barrels pair 15x8 -15

Sunday, May 12, 2013

yahoo auctions 5/13

nielex? NA windshield wipers
AWD? NA AC vent rings
Nardi wood shift knob
NA Nakamae lowback seats
Runabout M2 mirrors
RS Products? NA center console (says NB but it`s from a NA8)
Vary headlight covers and KG works fuel lid
NA FRP Trunk
NA FRP Trunk 2
Bellof? lowpro headlights
Nakamae Red leather pocket parcel shelf?
Nakame NB center carpet console
Fuji Type? itb kit (no ecu)
RS Watanabe 15x8j +0
RS Watanabe 14x7.5 +28
SSR MK3 14x7.5 +6/-6
SSR MK2 15x7.5 -6
SSR Mesh 14x7.5 +20
Weds Cerebus
Big end rodders

Sunday, May 5, 2013

parts in stock

KG Works Room Mirror NA6 $200 shipped

Brand new turn signal intakes with clear lens $165 shipped

NA Tuckin 99 N2 Flares brand new pending